New Hit Detection system for GUNZ

The HIT counter as you know is player-side, it tends to be inaccurate about 90% of the time. This can and has caused a lot of frustration since I-gunz and it's what chases many of the higher latency players from games. Although that can't really be helped as laggers will always be hunted down, perhaps this will help them. [Who WANTS to lag right] My first suggestion is making the hit detection server-side. As in when you DEAL damage to an opponent they will send packets to your computer and THEN you will hear the HIT beep. Although it'll be delayed at least you'll KNOW you hit them right That's much more satisfying than fighting in the dark. This means that when you lead your shots and shoot the air it will at least notify you if you hit them as opposed to just basing it on the player model. My second suggestion which may require more resources is making damage being dealt via playerside. As in, when your computer registers a HIT it will transfer the damage to your opponent even though on their screen it looks like you shot a wall. Although hackers could find ways to aimhack on this... at least players with great accuracy will reap the benefits from this newer system as opposed to those who get lucky with their random shots. ------------ thread started by Saelin petition by Centrix


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