Are The McCanns guilty of neglect, and possibly much more

YOU DON\'T HAVE TO DONATE ANYTHING HERE Please read this Petition carefully, and think wisely before commenting. if you do not wish to read it entirely, please do not sign. Do you believe Gerry and Kate McCann are likely to be Guilty of neglect, and possibly more serious Criminal acts This Petition is is direct response to the McCann\'s which is being used in an attempt to sway Justice, and to spread and encourage misinformation. The purpose of this petition is to show the U.K and Portugese Governments, indeed any other observer that there is clear opposition to the \"Team McCann\"


The McCann\'s own petition is unlawful in it\'s purpose. In an attempt to make it look as though the McCanns have untainted popular support, they have removed comments from people protesting againt their alleged innocence. This is yet another alleged McCann conspiracy to produce false evidence, and to further mislead. Most of the signatories were infact against the McCanns, and many expressed absolute outrage. Removing the Comments / Names whilst allowing the amount of \"sigatures\" to remain appearing as genuine support is unfair, and misleading.



  • Mandy Rice like many others I am appalled they have never been prosecuted for neglect and had their other children took off them.They are at least guilty of neglect but their actions after her alleged abduction lead me to believe they are guilty of much more

  • louis miah all physical evidence suggests the mccanns are involved in the disapearence, of Madeleine

  • Michael Saunders Anyone who leaves thier own child unattended to go and enjoy themselves for a night out is clearly guilty of neglect. How else can you put it? McCanns won't admit it as they'll get publicly persecuted and ripped to shreds by the press and public. They should be charged and jailed for neglect and wasting police time & money!!!!!!

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