GTA IV In-game Cutscene Viewer

I hereby petition that Rockstar add via patch or future DLC an in-game cutscene viewer. The cutscenes in this game are amazing works of art that myself and many others would love to watch again and again without the need to play a new game for each viewing. It is most unfortunate that we only get to see each cutscene once for each playthrough of the game. Some days I am laying there on my bed (my Xbox is in my room) and just want to relax and relive some of those grand and unforgettable moments (who doesn't love the Phil Bell and Ray Boccino scenes Not to mention Brucie Kibbutz). It would work like this: after you have seen a cutscene in-game during normal play it becomes unlocked in the viewer and can be rewatched as many times as desired. It could be made accessible through Start Menu > Game. This has been a feature of so many other games in the past and out of all of those this is the game I would most want to see it in. Rockstar have done amazing work on the cutscenes and it's a real tragedy that we are not allowed repeat viewings. If you also would like to see this feature implemented please respond with "Signed". Seriously, how hard could it be for them to add this They've already made a whole new campaign with Johnny and The Lost. The cutscenes are already there, all they need to do is add a link in the menu to view them after they've been unlocked. I would love this feature as the cutscenes in this game are some of the most action-packed, best acted, best written, and most humorous I've ever seen in a videogame. Please sign for an in-game cutscene viewer to be released via patch or future DLC!


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    Zachary Bouis, United States

    6 years ago Comments: One of the greatest things about the GTA series is the cinematic cut scenes. Being able to view these at my discretion would be a great improvement to the game.
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