Give Grandparents More Rights in FLorida

Its time Grandparents and Families in Florida take back our children. Children and Family Services have misused their power given to them by the Government and are classified to many as a Legal Kidnapping Organization. Grandparents have Little to no rights over the power of the CPS. Most grandchildren hold a strong bond with their grandparents. It is more healthy for the child(ren) to be in the care of their grandparents than to face the trauma of being in shelter or in Foster care. Old records automatically eliminate grandparents from getting custody of the child(ren). Proof of Completion that satified the court will not be reviewed by the CPS. Many requests to care for grandchildren are denied due to these old records that may have nothing to do with child abuse. Please stop them from kidnapping our grandchildren and give us rights over the CPS. ( The only acception should be previous Child Abuse, Sexual abuse, murder or other serious charges)


I will be taking complete charge of sending this Petition to all neccessary parties in order to make a difference in our state.



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    lisa williams, United States

    2 years ago State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Comments: I have 2 grandchildren, when my first grandchild was born, it was obvious they were having problems, she then became pregnant again, my son was working all nite trying to watch my grandson all day, and they could not afford the cost of daycare, I also noticed that there were many problems, I worked weekends as a nurse supervisor, I started watching my grandson driving an hour and 1/2 one way to be with him mon-fri and stayed their, when my granddaughter was born, I also watched her, my grandson was 2 when she was born, and they decided for him to go to daycare during the day, problems started with my daughter in law not coming home after work, I took complete care of the children, my son and myself, she started not coming home after work she was a teacher, and their were multiple problems with lack of care to the baby, I stayed with them mon-fri and then drove home to work double shifts on the weekend, getting home at 12 am and driving down to them and literally 7 days a week, with my daughter in law taking less and less interest in the children, other issues I cannot reveal here, that I saw, but my son refused to listen and believe me, when my granddaughter was 2 her mother decided she wanted to be single, and my son moved out to a condo, close to them so he could take my grandson to preschool every day, I never missed a week being their, even after they put my granddaughter into daycare, because she cried and was so attached to me that it was evident she needed me and my son needed me as well, he was overwhelmed with it all. I refinanced my home so I could buy another home in their town so I could be close to them and help, I watched them when they were home or sick etc.. my son took them to dr. visits etc.. all the while my daughter in law if she was home, would sit and read a book on the couch while we did everything.. my grandson would even say "grandma, the baby is crying," when my daughter in law was in the room, I noticed also that when I would leave in the afternoon if my son was holding the baby she would not scream as much for me, but if the mother was holding her, she would really freak out, and like panic when I left, my daughter in law had summers off as a teacher but for 2 summers she had a reason that I still should come every day and watch the children, she wanted to write a book, or had nasal surgery or something, after they split, things were much better, and just when my son started getting happy, and the children were doing better, I decided to give him the home I had bought so he would have a home for the children, the week he moved into the home, the mother of the children started coming around and decided she wanted to come back because she couldn't "find anyone else like my son", I noticed when she came in the house the children screamed "we want mommy to leave" over and over, and were very upset, and my daughter in law was causing a lot of trauma in the home, my son actually acted as if he really didn't want her their but still let her come back.. during the next year she claimed my grandson had A.D.D. and started drugging him, she had always drugged him with Benadryl and I noticed the box of childrens Benadryl was always being replaced, he had terrible side effects from the medication and I pleaded with her that he did not need these drugs and were causing him a lot of problems medically, if you look at the you tube video "the drugging of our children" you wlll understand.. my grandchildren never ever are a problem, they were smart, and happy, but I noticed a lot of anxiety related reactions when the mother came around.. I was really the place they felt safe, and secure, and happy,.. she drugged my granddaughter in front of me last summer, and I nearly had a heart attack, she refused to tell me what she gave her.. I told my son she was going to accidentally kill one of the children, and he said she told him she "pretends to drug her", I am a nurse, I saw how she was after, I just cannot watch what she is doing to them, and my son is so afraid of his wife that he won't stand up to her.. after I told him about this, she told me I could never see the kids again, well now that they are 5 and 7 , she feels she doesn't need me, and was really hoping to find a reason to get rid of the love and bond that my granddaughter and grandson have.. they really love their grandma,,, and beg for me.. it is breaking my heart, but I could not condone, or continue to be silent and watch the way these children were being treated by her, she would shake my granddaughter she would put my grandson in his bedroom after school for long periods of time in kindergarten for small things , take everysingle one of his toys throw them in a garbage bag, and throw his toys away, this is just some of what a saw.. I am just so worried that she is going to kill one of them... I just don't know what to do...
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    Cathy, Russian Federation

    2 years ago State: Virginia
    Country: Lesotho
    Comments: I guess finding uesufl, reliable information on the internet isn't hopeless after all.
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    Niecey, Turkey

    2 years ago State: Alabama
    Country: Belarus
    Comments: if He put rahmah in your hands you would have been miress. You would not have shared it, but our Lord is not like that and nor is our Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.). – Sheikh Hamza YusufList of Genetically Modified ProductsStay connected with RSS Community Notice BoardThe topocentric New Moon Conjunction for the lunar month of Rabbi ul-Thani will occur on Sunday, 10th February 2013, at 19:25 AEDT (7:25pm Sydney time).The correct date to observe the crescent of Rabbi ul-Thani
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