The FALL of Graal

How many of you remember graal 1.39 And the other versions What is different about them than the today game. Well the answer is not just newer, but it was more fun back then. You could go on a server and play against 20+ people. Now it seems as if the most you can play against is 20. The reason for this you ask Well Graal attracted alot of the younger audience to play, so when the game started charging a fee the kids sometimes could not pay. I understand the main server should be charged, because they have to get a little money to maintain the game. I just miss it when we could all just play the game and not have to worry about paying. I mean, think about all the guilds and everything we used to have. Today guilds consist of maybe 5 people. Where is the fun in that No guild battles No nothing No Graal It is really sad, I liked this game. There have been many falls in the game, as in the hackers intruding playerworlds, etc. But along with that many good things have happened also. Dont get me wrong, Developers of Graal Online did do somethings right, but this by far is the worst. Everquest is a game for adults, that is why they are successful in this attempt. Stephane Porthe and Stefan Knorr, please take this into consideration. If you do not, you might lose Graal Online altogether. More and more people quit the game everyday.

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    crork, Ukraine

    2 years ago State: Nevada
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    Comments: AbXTRs Really enjoyed this article.Thanks Again. Cool.
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    Ian, Singapore

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    Comments: I was accused of crimes that i did not do. Is expressing your concern over the incapable admins wrong? I strongly agreed that graal is a scam and we should get refund!
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    Adobe OEM Software, Ukraine

    3 years ago State: Indiana
    Country: Costa Rica
    Comments: fcR9Fs Hey, thanks for the blog article.Much thanks again. Really Great.
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