Government Needs To Stop Xplornet Communications Inc.

Time our Canadian Government step in and stop Xplornet Communications Inc.


see for your self how people are complaining ..please do not like there page will only show them support

You will find complaints here as well :) a fitting title for what they provide

..Now getting money to higher 55 more people to call center.. On phone line internet or cable don't remember ever calling with a complaint other then to move or get connected

Forum will many things to read

Please read this :)lies lies just like the sales people do to get you too buy

If you truly want changes take the time to do :)

take the time and add a review so it is shown how bad they are

Take the time to report to this please

-xplornet-review read before you buy

Twitter for Xplornet problems and more problems Think before you buy


  • Cynthia Newhall High speed internet is not a luxury but a necessity for education and business and as a rural homeowner I do not have access to high speed. I live 8 Kim's from a city but cannot access high speed phone or cable internet. Over the last 14 years I have paid for 'high speed' rocket sticks and hubs with intermittent service and limited amounts of usage with overage costs ( when you could get service) that equated to piracy. The last 2 years I have had Xplornet with very slow speeds or no service at all. The speeds have been no where near the advertised and I have had my equipment already replaced once. Please do something to make rural internet both high speed and affordable. Perhaps cable and phone should be subsidized as their services are truly affordable and high speed. If our neighbours in the remote north can access high speed internet then I should also be able to access high speed internet living 8 Kim's from the city centre of orillia ontario. Companies should deliver what customers are promised and pay a premium for. # rural=second class citizen

  • Mindy Kennett They drag you in with a free install and after thirty days limit your internet. Why do they do that you ask because you have thirty days before your locked into your contract. They suck!!

  • Harvey Popowich Very slow speed no near what a pay for.

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