Make GoPhone Nights 7PM

ATT Go Phone Customers are sometimes treated like 3rd class citizens. We pay top dollar for our gophone minutes. ATT has now even made us either choose Fixed Monthly payment or Automatic Update recurring payment. Why should we be dragged through the mud Why should we wait until 9pm to start our anytime minutes That\'s bull crap. ATT, treat us better than this! So what, we didn\'t want to sign a one or two year agreement with yall. We still ARE CUSTOMERs! Treat us as such! 7PM NIGHT MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! or we\'re going to switch to TMobile and actually sign a contract. Also, stop giving GoPhone users such crappy phones.


I have been a faithful GoPhone user for more than 2 years. Me and my homegirl Vanessa started this cuz GoPhone is eating our money up!!! 7PM minutes, Simply Shawna in Baltimore



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    Beet, China

    2 years ago Comments: The trouble with the wimsarts is while they're pointing and screaming about the wolf over there, the wolf could already be in the hen house destroying everything.Imagine spending your career on something that will eventually be proven as a money spinner for rich people and that you'd been hood-winked into pushing their agenda. Should we start building log cabins out in the woods now so they have somewhere to go and hang their heads in shame?The only problem I have is when Mr Watts, Mr Eschenbach and Mr hill and all the other common sense people are proven right, will they be hoisted into the back of a car and driven down the main streets of New York to a ticker tape parade or simply be ignored and never given the recognition they deserve?
    State: West Virginia
    Country: Svalbard And Jan Mayen
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    cari, Netherlands

    3 years ago Comments: I’m a miladiadtary wife of four years, my husadband was maradried to his first wife for 13 years and she will get half of his retireadment and she was getadting 1200.00 a month for their two kids. But since we got maradried he has when back o court and got joint cusadtody of the kids. So that osptped the child supadport. I have since stop workading so that I can pick his two kids up and my baby girl up from school…oh did I meanadtion that I have 3 school to go before and after. They all could be going to the same school but his ex-wife dont want them to move and I can’t just move my kid to their school because of the school disadtrict. I have found out that he is still comadmuadniadcatading with his ex.…not just about the kids.…(hint). My queadsion is I’m thinkading about getadting a divorce but can I ask for alimony since I quit my job to help him with his 2a0kids
    State: Louisiana
    Country: Monaco
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    Jesica, India

    3 years ago Comments: Actually, this may be just a little early for loniggg on Outer Island. The first record I've found of loniggg there is about six years later, in 1884. However, the government did make sure the keepers had a good supply of firewood: the light station boundaries were drawn large enough to encompass sufficient timber for the keepers' use. Since these tracts were not subject to commercial loniggg, the lighthouse reservations now contain some of the oldest forest in the Apostles. (Think of those awesome pines on the trail to the Sand Island light.)
    State: Nevada
    Country: Pakistan
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