Glascocks Landing: Hannibal, MO

To the City Council & Park Board Members of the City of Hannibal, Missouri: Whereas, Stephen Glascock, one of the founding fathers of the City of Hannibal, Missouri, gave numerous conditional gifts of land to the City of Hannibal including but not limited to \"City Park\" now called Central Park, the block bordering 5th & 6th Streets between Broadway & Center for establishment of churches, Block 50, area of land between Bear Creek and Cardiff Hill for public use, and a city cemetery bordering 7th and Paris Avenue; Whereas, Stephen Glascock was a public servant in Northeast Missouri serving in the position of state senator, state representative, and a county clerk/judge; Whereas, Stephen Glascock was the leading figure in the establishment and promotion of the City of Hannibal in its early years and creating neighboring counties and county seats; Whereas Stephen Glascock came from a patriotic family who contributed to the cause of the American Revolutionary War and the early colonial establishment of the USA; Whereas, the City of Hannibal, has given name to the current riverboat landing and park as \"Glascock\'s Landing\"; Whereas, Herb Parham, and Jerry A. McAfee, have public stated in the Hannibal Courier Post on October 28, 2003 and November 15, 2003 respectively, the reasons and objections to any renaming efforts of Stephen Glascock\'s gifts; Whereas, numerous emails and letters, were sent to the City of Hannibal, City Council Secretary and Parks & Recreation Dept. Secretary in November and December of 2003 by Glascocks and friends of the Glascock family stating opposition to renaming efforts by Fred Schwartz and the wishes of one, namely Fred Schwartz, (a nonresident of Hannibal) to place a Schwartz Gardens sign at Glascock\'s Landing; Whereas, numerous others oppose these Schwartz signs, the size of the current sign and the ignoring of the wishes of the Glascock family in Hannibal and nationwide on this issue; We, the undersigned, oppose any and all renaming or renaming attempts of Stephen Glascock\'s conditional gifts of land to the City of Hannibal by any parties, individuals or government bodies in the past, present or future that demean the gift of Stephen Glascock, his name, and the Glascock family name. This would include lands given by Stephen Glascock which include Nipper Park and Kiwanis Park, Central Park, and Glascock\'s Landing. If any name should be attached to these conditional gifts of land by Stephen Glascock to the City of Hannibal then it should be the \"Glascock\" name. We, the undersigned, call on the City of Hannibal including the City Council and Park Board to forever and permanently remove all signs in these previously mentioned lands that say \"Nipper Park\", \"Kiwanis Park\" and \"Schwartz Gardens\" that demean the original conditional gifts of land by Stephen Glascock. We, the undersigned, call on the City of Hannibal, City Council and Park Board to immediately remove these Nipper, Kiwanis and Schwartz signs from the lands given by Stephen Glascock. We, the undersigned, support that these changes be made immediately and perpetually:


the Glas(s)cock Family Society of the USA (representing the Glas(s)cock family nationwide).


  • Keriann Glascock-Sheffield I agree since my relative Stephan Glascock gave this land to Hannibal it should remain with his named attached to it only.

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