make Gladius 2!

Gladius is a game developed by LucasArts for the original xbox, ps2, and gamecube. It is an exellent turn based strategy game based in an ancient rome type setting. Those who have played the game know that it stands out from many other fighting games with unique features like managing your school of gladiators, choosing and controlling teams out of a multitude of different classes of warriors and creatures, customization of each and every warrior's weapons and appearence. On top of all this and more it actually has a captivating storyline and was a great multiplayer game, both coop and versus modes. take this and more and factor in the graphic and online multiplayer capabilities of the Xbox360. LucasArts, it's time to finally bring Gladius back. Please, make this game and we will all be eternally greatful. I would also like to ask Microsoft to make Gladius B/C on the Xbox 360. Many of us would like to enjoy the game on our 360's. Thank you.




  • Matthew Groth Gladius is an amazing game. Please make a squeal. I would buy it in a second.

  • steve king best game ever

  • corey rush this was a unique game style that many people absolutely loved. At least make it possible for some other developer to use the architecture.

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    5 months ago Comments: Gladius is an amazing game. Please make a squeal. I would buy it in a second.
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