Make a Mid Format Banned and hurt Gladiator Beasts

Sing on this petition if you are sick of Gladiator Beast ruining YGO trading card game and force UDE/Konami to make banned list changes and fixes to make Gladiator Beasts less useful. Thank you.


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    Razor, Israel

    7 years ago Comments: Limit Bestiari to 1 and finish the story. It won't ruin the deck completely, but at least people will have to show some skills (or good Solemn Judgment draws) in order to avoid Bottomless Trap Holes. I honestly think that limiting Betiari to 1 won't make Gladiator Beasts a tier 2 deck, it will stay strong - but whomever uses them will have to start using their brain.
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    Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The jury tryin to give a nigga 25 to life cuz a nigga gangsta, But the judge said I can get 6 months or probation for good behavior but fuck all that ill just do a driveby in my new whip called the war chariot. Yall can't hold me down 86th and LoDT till the death of me bitch cuz a nigga gangsta.
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    guy, Germany

    7 years ago Comments: i hate you, gladiator beast!!!!!!
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