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    K in Virginia, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Where is common sense these days Everything has to be an Act of Congress or a lawsuit. Ellen and Portia may have broken a rule of the adoption, but according to reports I heard, Mutts and Moms lost their corporation license in 2006- so it seems like they cannot enforce the contract. Oops!! I want to know where Iggy is and believe he should be given back to the hairdresser's family. It is just sad that someone trying to do something good (Ellen) has to turn into something bad. Now the Mutts and Moms Co. looks bad for going to the house under false pretences, and taking Iggy away from a perfectly good family. This could have been handled in a much better way. Mutts and Moms could have just investigated the family, and said- that even though Ellen did not follow the rules, we will let you keep Iggy. Like I said, common sense and goodness do not prevail these days. All I can say is "What goes around comes around." Now Mutts and Moms are wondering why everyone is mad at them. Hope they have figured it out by now.
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    Kelly, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Please return the dog to Ellens hairdresser. Iggy was placed in a loving home with the best of intentions. I realize the issues that are invloved such as the age of the children but you did not even bother to fully investigate the home. Maybe just this once you could bend the rules given the circumstances a mistake was made on the part of the former owner why punish the family for that. They appear more than capable to care for Iggy regardless of the age of the child and I feel no harm will come to Iggy because of this issue.
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    graylock799, United States

    8 years ago Comments: You people who keep wanting the rescue to give the dog back to that family obviously have no clue what it's like to rescue an animal that has been abused. Rescues like M+M sacfifice time, effort and money out of a calling deep within themselves to make the world a little better for the forgotten creatures of the world. They don't do it for money or attention and often times put up their own funds to care for these animals. That is why their guidelines are so stringent. They want to make sure the adopted animals don't end up in the same type of situation they just got out of. The family Ellen gave the dog to may very well be a wonderful home, but that is for the rescue to decide, not some no talent talk show host with an ax to grind. You people put your support behind what this person says without checking the facts, and some of the more extreme among you have caused this rescue to abandon it's good work and shut down because of your threats. With millions of loving cats and dogs euthenized every year simply because there isn't room for them in this uncaring world, you have caused a few more to be added to that number. You people must be very proud. This is why I do my rescuing independently and anonymously, thereby avoiding the judgements of the clueless, who are so easily led, and have never done anything for anyone or anything unless it benefits yourselves.
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