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Give a Hedgehog a Home

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Hedgehogs are amazingly cool and make wonderful pets. As much as I would like to own one myself, my roommate disagrees on the whole idea. At the moment, said roommate has not given an explanation to this 'NAY' point of view; however I will edit this if a formal explanation is given.

Please sign this petition if you agree hedgehogs are wonderful or cool and perhaps we can not only change the views of one 'Nay sayer' but of many who don't share this belief. If successful a hedgehog could likely find a home in our home.

Here are some of my favorite hedgehog facts from Buzz feed.
Full list can be found at

- The name for a baby hedgehog is a hoglet.
- Each hedgie has around 5,000 spines — each of which lasts about a year.
- Hedgehogs are known as the gardener’s friend.
- The first hedgehog was domesticated in 4 B.C.
- The collective noun is “an array of hedgehogs.”
-They’re good at wearing sombreros(photo proof

I would also like to mention that the hedgehog, and addition to our family, will be from a shelter rescue not from a breeder; not due to financial reasons and rather that of ethical beliefs.

Also feel free to suggest names for our future hedgie in the discussion. Thank you for your support.



April 8
We are now live!


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