Remove MrGiggles from tf2pickup admin status

Before we had #tf2pickup, we had nowhere to go for easily available pugs where we could play and hone our skills while our clans weren't scrimming. The channel has opened doors for many people to develop their tf2 gameplay, have fun, and make new friends. Most of the admins are great people dedicated to the community and the game, and do what they do for the simple reward of helping others. However, as in all regulatory bodies, there is a bad apple. MrGiggles runs more pugs than almost any other admin, and has complaints for admin abuse, raging at people, piss poor attitude, forcing people to play classes they don't want to, and gross misrepresentation of the organization that is #tf2pickup. Almost anyone who knows this person can see that he has personality disorders bordering on psychopathy and is terribly unfit for his position. This petition is for those to sign who have bore witness to this individual's gross misconduct while representing this great channel, and for review of Shameless himself, when he comes back.


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    Wombat, not the dr., United States

    7 years ago Comments: I'm with kb and Ruwin. I've known giggles for most of my TF2 playing time and he was always known as the asshole in pubs and in clans. The only people that actually cared about what he said were uptight people on pubs, I guess it's the same with pugs. He "insults" me every time I've played with him and I've never once actually taken offense because that's just his way of saying, "I love you Wombat". As for admin abuse, have any of you actually been banned, or was it all talk
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    zeroskillz, United States

    7 years ago Comments: sorry I have to agree
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    DL, United States

    7 years ago
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