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“The normative content of international human rights law emphasizes the principles of non-discrimination, equality, empowerment, participation, and accountability.” Stephen R. Tully Author of “The Contribution of Human Rights to Universal Energy Access “ We the undersigned of the following petition protest the egregious, and reckless actions of the International Rivers and other so called “Environmental” organizations that are trying to stop funding for the Gibe 3 Dam project in Ethiopia. Their action to stop funding for the Gibe 3 Dam is in violation of the basic human right to access electricity, and a total disregard to the people of Ethiopia, and the region as a whole. In spite of the fact, Ethiopia is one of the least developed country, as well as one of the least electricity/energy user in the world, these organizations are trying to stop the building of a major dam that would alleviate the hardship of millions of people. The organization of “International Rivers” and its partners are using false premises and hyperbole, to scare many people into believing the Gibe Dam III project is a disaster for the region. Some of these false premises are: - The project will cause draught - The salinity of lake Turkana will increase - The water level in lake Turkana will decrease and the most laughable and outrages is - The Omo flood is essential to the region If we start from the last point, the Omo river flood has caused untold misery to the area. In one flood alone in 2006, over a thousand people lost their lives, as well as many thousand livestock and properties were destroyed also. The fact “International Rivers” is trying to keep this sort flood in the region is mind-boggling and beyond any good judgment. The Gibe Dam III project will not cause draught, since the Gibe Dam will not block the flow of water to the river indefinitely, but merely redistribute it during the course of the year. Nor the “Salinity” or “water level” of lake Turkana will be affected by the construction of this dam. In fact, the stated volume of 216 billion cubic meters is a major exaggeration by the “International Rivers” and its partners. The basin produced by the dam is of approximately 14 billion cubic metres, that is about 15 times less than the claim made by “International Rivers.” So why does the “International Rivers” wants this project to stop and deny electricity access to millions of poor people in Ethiopia and in the region? We don’t know! What we know is the fact, that this project is essential to Ethiopia, and to the region as a whole. Therefore, we the undersigned of the following petition request the International community, as well as, the World Bank, IMF, African Development Bank, and all concerned parties to support the Gibe Dam III project. This project will help millions of people, who don’t have access to electricity, and solely depend on firewood to literally see the light. This project involves 100% a renewable energy, and is the quickest way to bring millions of people out of poverty. Please support the Gibe Dam III project. Thank You. Sincerely Your Name


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    Fikirte Zimmermann, Germany

    1 year ago Comments: Please keep in mind: European NGOs focus on nature not on people in Africa. E.g. if you ask about conflicts in Congo they only remember that gorillas are in danger. They do not know that 6 million people have died! Apart from this: Would they live without roads, airports and electricity? Never!
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