Clean up McAllister\'s Mill Dump

Gettyburg has a town dump that sits on the banks of Rock Creek. This dump not only pollutes Rock creek but it also sits on ground where men fought and died during the Battle of Gettysburg. More significantly it sits across from the McAllister\'s Mill site-a major stop in the underground railroad.


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    Ansar, Romania

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    Keith, Vietnam

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    Comments: When the fuel discount of 5p was inrecduotd the difference between Stornoway and the mainland was around 8p a litre for both petrol and diesel. That difference has now doubled to 16p a litre, compared to the prices charged in Inverness at the beginning of September. Can someone explain why that should be?
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    Dufron, China

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    Comments: You're looking good on that YouTube video, Sam! Congrats on gteitng that up there! Maybe time to go shoping and buy a few new stylin' sweater vests?! (hee hee, just kidding. We love your style.)
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