Demote or Sack Walt Howe.

This petition is to have Walt Howe's position changed to prevent him from acting like God on Delphi Forums. We want an un-biased, fair and even handed person in charge of the policing of T.O.S. as opposed to the self opinionated, bigoted, despot that Walt Howe has become.


The Delphi Forums Rip Off


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    Maximillion Thompson, United States

    5 years ago Comments: When I give McDonalds $15, I'm expecting a meal for 3-4 people. I'm paying for my sandwiches to be made right, I'm paying for our drinks to come with the meal, and I'm paying for a prompt and courteous response if I should have any complaints about any rude or disrespectful behavior directed my way by the employees. What is it we're paying Delphi for? Simply to have access to a few bundles of data? Is that IT?! Do we have to beseech companies like DNS and other Firewall sites to bar Delphi Forums, since it seems we're able to count less and less on the safety of our loved ones while they're visiting these sites? I want answers, and I want them now. I want to know why Delphi would bend over backwards to cater a Cyber Terrorist, while they would leave said Terrorist in a capacity to harm the underaged and mentally ill. The fact that we're even GOING this far -- be it by those who made the Petition or we who Sign it -- means we still believe there to be a solution while dealing directly with Delphi Forums. I doubt it will be so easy to resolve if it ever reaches the courtroom, which is a very strong possibility we're facing, especially with other Cyber Terrorists such as this are already being pulled into court for incidents like the ones we're always hearing about on the news.
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    Kristine Garland, United States

    5 years ago Comments: It would be nice to have someone we could actually go to for help that would see both sides and not just one. When Meep uses personal real life attacks against my forum assistant Cody and he then uses his full right as my assistant to remove the attacks against him why is he being punished in the first place? and Why in Gods name is she not being disciplined in the same way? I have complained to Walt about Meep more then once and keep getting the they are both trouble makers let them fight it out for themselves routine...well this certainly is not letting them fight it out this is Walt once again only seeing one side.
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    Kaye Valcaro, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Not cool that some people get away with harrassment, while others are unfairly punished
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