The Get "Rowe" Out Campaign!!

We here, the petition starters (Josh Hall, Tommy Devine and Mitch Killingback) believe that Daniel Rowes life both in a personal and social way would improve if he lightened up and come out of his house. This "hermit" has been at home constantly for an unofficial time of over 3 months now... only coming out for school and to go to the bookies with his uncle. Anyone who knows Daniel or even doesn't can surely understand why this partition was made. Daniel is s growing boy and needs his social life to: 1 - Get Gash! 2 - Learn street words like "Peng" and "Bants" 3 - To make new friends that will help him in times of need (like now!) 4 - To get over the fact he's not 18 yet and you can stil do fun things if you are 17! For these reasons you can surely understand his needs. So please, sign the petition and help this poor boy in need now...!!


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    anthony, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: hello, im not sure why im signing this but its just a bit of friendly banta
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    Ricky Watson, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: Daniel was such a fun loving chap! me and him used to play cricket in the old street when I visit my aunts at weekends. Footy over the park. Now its hard for me to even walk down his footpath, the disappointment I feek that he will not leave his house for a quick bat and ball game. I, Ricky will sign this for his benefit and ours(his friends) benefits. Daniel Rowe will reunite with the streets again!
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    Rowey, Russian Federation

    7 years ago Comments: I need a life.
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