As many of you are aware there is a group on facebook called dead babies make me laugh and dead baby jokes me laugh.

They have been reported to facebook but facebook have just said that it is just a group of people having a laugh.

I for one have lost a child at only 2 days old and think that people that find it funny to have jokes about this and to publish it on the internet is sick and darned right disgusting. How anyone can joke at the misfortune of many of parents that lose a child and suffer the heartache is sickening. if this ever happended to these people that are making these groups they would think twice about it rest assured.

So untill facebook decide to do something about this and all other sick and saddening groups they have allowed on here I will keep this group going to campaign against them untill facebook get rid of the groups, the group creators and the group members of these sick groups.


Carl Robertson



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    Lauren Cooper, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Sarah Percival, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: I don't understand how facebook can even think about having this site on here!!!!! Disgusting!!!!
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    Emma Louise McElhinney, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: I'm disgusted Facebook are allowing groups like this, I've found the group and reported it as have many and Facebook aren't taking action? i don't know what's worse it is beyond me! shame on you Facebook, more so the sick arseholes who have liked this group, I hope I don't know anyone who has liked this group, over 18,000 people like a page so disgusting, yet we struggle to get anywhere near this to sign the petition to save babies lives! - shocking! in principle if the page is still active in a week i'm cancelling my FB account, i don't want to be a part of an organisation that allows saddos to cause grieving parents any more distress, as if we're not suffering enough already!
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