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Mrs Mckenzie is the head teacher of Kirktonholme Primary in East Kilbride. For the past 8 yrs she has allowed a cult to infiltrate the school and brainwash her pupils. Children as young as 5 were getting told that if they did not believe in god then they would be murdered. Books were handed out to kids last monday from the us church of christ these books compared people who dont believe in god to abortions. 

We are trying to get her removed and get some security for our children we also feel that the rest of the heads at the school should be diciplined. We have been apologised to in a statement from Mrs Mckenzie but as a parent I dont feel like this is enough.

My 6yr old son is middle spec autistic and when we tried to take these vile books from him he got really upset as Jared Blakeman and Alex Gear had told him they are very important and he cant lose them as God will be angry with him. my son was devastated for days about it and we had to try and explain to him this is untrue.

Please help us protect our children.



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    WE LOVE KIRKTONHOLME, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: Sexist? get over yourself!! I said it was a man as, if you read the reports from the start, it was a man who started all of this. It was a man who started the complaining about the books and a man who started this petition, Garry Blackwood..Man or woman is doesn't matter, what matters is that so many mindless people have completely lost sight of the the bigger picture here including you. As I have previously stated I am not supporting the material and it was a "mistake" in the way it was handed out but the extent to which some parents have gone and how other parents have used is disgusting..What goes on in someones head to say, I'm going to make these people suffer and not worry about the consequences for other staff, management and more importantly the children? Is it just me or does that not sound right to you? Why did the people who started this not think this is getting a bit out of control and we need to protect the children and staff?? An don't come back with "we did protect them by removing people" because that's a complete cop out and you know. Yes this petition did not get them redeployed but it helped..If you stand by this petition and the removal of the 2 heads then shame on you! If your child is at the School I hope you are supporting their teacher now, encouraging them and more importantly thanking them!!
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    WE LOVE KIRKTONHOLME!, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: Congrats to those who started this..You have caused 2 superb heads to almost lose their jobs, have put the current staff on a major "downer" made the reputation of the school poor after so many tremendous years, up set countless families and individuals, and for what? We have kids who have no head teacher, staff who have no senior leaders, parents with their head so far up their own backside that they cant see the bigger picture and this was all because of 2 books sent home that I guarantee NO child read or understood!! The parent who started all this should be ashamed of himself, I hope the next time that he makes a mistake in his job that his boss comes down on him in a similar fashion. It's people like you that make this community and town a complete shambles and embarrassment to be part of. For those parents who are threatening to remove their kids, have you done it yet?? If not hurry up because your wasting time. If anyone from the School reads this, THANK YOU! Thank you for teaching the kids, puting a smile on when you find it hard, for dealing with the most obnoxious parents, for caring for that challenging child when you didn't want to, for working the extra hours that nobody sees..You're a tremendous team @ Kirktonholme and will only get stronger through this. Ignore these people, they have nothing better to do, the majority of parents support you and look forward to a good few years of educating our children, so thank you!
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    Dr Billy Sands, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: This is unacceptable. Furthermore, only those qualified to teach evolution should be allowed. Not reality denying fundamentalists who wish to brain wash children, and effectively threaten them with the wrath of a god if they don't hold on to these lie filled books!
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