We want a new America\'s Player instead of Eric.

We the Undersigned wish for CBS, a national branded television broadcasting company, who provides Big Brother for our television enjoyment, to remove Eric "America's Player" be stripped of his position, and be known as just a regular player. Even though this is a great new twist on the show, but for the ratings, and the overall likeness of the show, we demand that we do not have any player representing America. One idea is to have the regular votes from the house guests. Then to have a seperate vote from America. For example, If "John" and "Paul" were up for eviction. And there were a total of 10 houseguests in the voting process. For example if there were 5 votes to evict John, and 5 votes to evict Paul. Then America to be the swing vote and persuade which one goes home. This way America truly HAS a voice in the matter, not that of which comes from a player whom we truly disdain, dislike, and are disgusted with. Thank you for your time, Jason H.


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    M.Meijer, Netherlands

    7 years ago Comments: Yes, why pay and then we see Eric do excactly the opposite of what America wants. Why pay to keep kail and then see the producers manage to keep Eric
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    Kathy, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Make Evil Dick Americas player!!!!
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    Becca, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Eric hasn't been playing our game for a long time and it's been quite evident. I'm tired of him getting inside information, I'm tired of him getting constant help from the DR, I'm tired of him blaming all the things he's asked to do on other people and I'm tired of hearing all the vile, inconceivable, disgusting comments come out of him mouth and knowing that he's supposedly representing me. And I can't believe with all the controversy over things said in the house, that CBS/BB are still ok with the representation of "America's Player". It isn't that America's Player was a bad concept, but you definitely chose the WRONG person to take on that role when Eric was chosen. So do what you must, keep Eric in the house and invite a new twist giving America an extra vote. But whatever you do, relieve him of his duties, because as far as I'm concerned, he's fired.
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