Get Zach the services he needs not jail, Fix NH Mental health

The State of NH is all about putting people in jail instead of  giving them the services they need . Zach is 21 and is mentally and developementally ill . He has been in residential placements since he was 9 because that was the only option I was given . At 17 Zach took the blame for something he didn't do and was put in jail pending a comp evaluation . That eval took almost a year to get the results . He was found not Compitant and not restorable . I had to bring him home because he was 18 and no placement except jail would take him. Since then I had no choice but to put him in his own apartment with the hopes that he would get more services . He went 3 months with out taking his meds because the mental health agency was not supervising them Like I asked. He became unstable and got himself in legal trouble again some of which he is taken the blame for because he was asked. He is sitting in rockingham county jail were he has to be put in solitary because he can not be around people who well influence him . He has tried to kill him self several times because of this and being medically unstable. The jail Sent him to the hospital were the found cause to keep him untell he became very emotional after a girl hurt his feeling and struck a staff member . The next day he was very remorseful wanted to kill him self and the hospital Dr. said send him back to Jail were he had been for 3 months, now waiting on a state Dr. and a judge  to decide his future . Zachary needs to be in a treatment facility like easter seals not Jail. He is a 10 year old kid in a 21 year old body and mentally ill the system has failed him over and over again. If something is not done I am going to loose him forever.



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    1 year ago Comments: This is not right. This child needs help & these issues need not be swept aside.
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