Get the BIG IDEA Company to make Noah's Ark: A VeggieTales Movie

We the # 1 fans of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie and The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie, believe that the BIG IDEA company should make and release the next new VeggieTales movie called Noah's Ark: A VeggieTales Movie. We also recommend that it should also be the next 3D animated Bible story film. So, when do we want the next new VeggieTales movie? 2014! Sign here, if you want the next new movie to be made and released!


  • Anonymous The lesson in this movie is: Respecting other People.

  • Anonymous Also include Phil Winklestein A.K.A. Frankencelery in this movie.

  • Daniel Van Ness We want another 'VeggieTales' Bible story movie, please!

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    Daniel Van Ness, United States

    2 months ago Comments: We want another 'VeggieTales' Bible story movie, please!
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    ToonBoy Dan

    5 months ago Comments: We want this movie in 2015, please!
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    ToonBoyDan, United States

    10 months ago Comments: Anonymous It should star Bob as himself, Larry as himself/Noah, Junior as himself, Laura as herself, Lenny as himself, Percy as himself, Li'l pea as himself, Petunia as herself/Noah's wife, Albert the Skunk as himself, Junior's mom as herself, Junior's dad as himself, Archie as himself/a guest on the ark, Jean Claude and Philippe as themselves/a guest on the Ark, Gourdon as himself, Scooter as a guest on the Ark, Mr. Lunt and the 3 Scallions as themselves/the Greedy Heathens, Pa Grape, Ma Grape, Tom and Rosey as the guests on the Ark, Oscar as a guest on the Ark, Mr. Nezzer as a guest on the Ark, Annie as herself, Baby Lou as himself, Ermie as herself and also starring Khalil and Lutfi as themselves.
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