Get rid of witchcraft toys sold at Toys R Us

We need to remove witchcraft toys aimed at young children sold at Toys R Us toy stores. There is a three in 1 tarot card, ouiji board aimed at girls ages 8-10 with a pink box. Also there are legitimate tarot cards and ouija boards sold at Toys R Us. I am an ordained Christian minister and have studied the effects of these toys. I am also involved with paranormal investigative groups, so I know what I am talking about. Let me say that these things are in no way "toys" and should not be used. The movie "The Exorcist" which came out in the 70's was based on a true story on which the girl played with a ouija board and became severely possessed. Another true story was of a young boy who played with ouija board and had a complete personality change that consisted of violent behavior and language and talked about a "Tyrannus" spirit. This is also an issue of selling religious toys. If the stores won't sell Christian things with crosses and the like, then they should not sell satanist and wiccan toys. Legitimate wiccans and satanists use tarot cards and ouija boards to contact spirits. The only spirits that are contacted are negative ones. We have encountered in paranormal investigations, many reasons for possession include use of the tarot and ouija board. Kids these days have enough to deal with without getting involved in spiritism. So I suggest if we want to have less murders and suicides and severe despression then we need to get rid of these witchcraft "toys." Please sign petition to help keep our society and our children from these negative influences.


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    Rev. Jesse Watson, Exorcist Order of St. Michael, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I am an ordained Catholic exorcist with a very strong standing in the Catholic community. Your attempt to profit from the sale of divination & occult items that endanger the emotional, psychological and spiritual safety of our children is an egregious offense and labeling them as "toys" and meant for "entertainment purposes only" is a weak attempt at justification. I ask that you cease the sale of Ouija & tarot immediately or we will bring this to the next level of public awareness which as you know could have a devastating effect on your public image as well as your profits. Handle it quietly and so will we.

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