Get John Boehner Out Of Our Political System

John Boehner is obstructing our political system,because he is working only for one goal,tax breaks for the rich. Some of these same people he is working for spent millions on a failed attempt at the White House,but are balking about paying their fair share of taxes? They've had it their way for so long they think they are priviledged,but majority rules in our society.And the majority are against these tax cuts when us hard working Americans have to pay our fair share. The GOP has really shown it's true colors in this past election,They are anti-women,anti-race,anti-education,their agenda is like it was under George Bush,rape the economy! Damn the fallout on those poor working citizens. And folks Social Security is (NOT) an entitlement program,you pay for it everytime you get a paycheck,check your pay stub!REMEMBER THE CONGRESS AND SENATE WORK FOR US,NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND AS THEY THINK! LET'S MAKE THEM DO WHAT WE PAY THEM FOR. Mr.Boehner is angry because the GOP lost the election so like a little boy throwing a temper tantrum he is trying to undermine any and everything he can concerning Mr.Obama.The man is a disgrace and since he can't have things his way he is disrupting everything he can,ENOUGH!!!


Andrew Calhoun



  • Tianna Riddle I want this man out of office and never to be able to hold any political sway ever again.

  • staci Get him OUT

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    Tianna Riddle

    9 months ago Comments: I want this man out of office and never to be able to hold any political sway ever again.
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    staci, United States

    12 months ago Comments: Get him OUT
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