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Nintendo fans unite!!! Ever had that dull rage burn in the back of your brain when you felt Parish was nit-picking a key Nintendo title because you knew if Naughty Dog developed it you could practically see the semen stains on his article? And don't you just love the air of smugtascity he emits whenever taking a thinly veiled jab at practically anything The Big N does. Or how his tone is almost gleeful whenever there is bad news to report about Nintendo? But, when it comes to Sony he looks for silver linings where there are none and is an absolute apologist for them? Enough is enough. We've had it with this fan-boy/ corporate plant and we DEMAND you put him on the unemployment line where he belongs!


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    sxwsojtacs, United States

    3 years ago Comments: eMSgCt kcfuelffuhwo, duwsddwbdvnu, iouuhvhsogcd,
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    WorstPetitionEvarrrrrr!!!, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: You suck, if you're going to actually waste your time making up a petition, do it for a worthy cause, leave the game reviewers alone, if you don't agree with his opinion, don't read his review...simple enough, right? Or so you would think but you're too dumb to even do that, just don't read it, ya' moron !!!
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    Don Fox, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Is this like that SOPA thing?
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