GET ALAN HIS OIL!! Desperate cancer patient pleads with British Prime Minister

Alan had been fighting cancer since 2006 and sadly passed away on 8th Dec 2013. It is very important to continue this cause to help others in the same situation.

The amount of people cured by Cannabis oils has been a real eye opener. If Alan had this sooner perhaps he would still be here. Please pass this on and tweet the link. Cannabis oils is 100% natural and proven to cure cancer. It is not on the NHS purely because we put profits before our health and there is no money in making the oils due to the time/complexities and classification of the drug. This is NOT to legalise Cannabis. This is to make Cannabis oils attainable to all the cancer suffers in the UK- easily and without legal ramifications.

Please read Alan's letter to the British Prime Minister and sign the petition:


Dear Prime Minister,

I write to you from my palliative care ward in Torbay Hospital, Devon, a fantastic example of a professional establishment with staff that are exemplary.

The reason for my letter is simple, I am dying. Having had cancer since 2006 the NHS and I have battled, and succeeded, in getting me well past my expected date of demise and I have enjoyed an additional two years with my family.

My Doctors have informed me that there is a nothing to be done now and are trying to make me as comfortable as possible.

Now, being only 45, I am not ready to die and am prepared to try anything to not leave a widow and 4 children. I have researched every avenue for the last two years and have come to the conclusion that the only possible treatment, maybe even cure, is cannabis oil. Our great country is one of the only ones left on the planet that does not recognise cannabis for its curative and therapeutic properties and insists on labelling it a class b drug. There are volumes and volumes of reports and studies from all over the world confirming cannabis cures cancer, there are medical centres opening daily in different countries prescribing medicinal use oil. Is our country so stuck in its ways that it will allow the deaths of myself and many more people for the sake of money.

I implore you to find a way to import enough to treat myself for 90 days, my friends and family have all offered to try smuggling in order to save my life, but I cannot ask anyone to do that for me at the risk of their liberty.

Please let me know what I must do to stop my suffering and try to prevent my death.

My time left is weeks so please get back to me soonest.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Linnitt


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  • Dave Bickel Act now or are you condemning this man to death

  • Jennifer MacMillan Having just come out the other end of major surgery for secondary kidney cancer, I would hope that all avenues of future would be available to me. To know there is a possible treatment out there for any illness, not just cancer that can be given in a clinical manner is not only very sad,and traumatic but cruel to those that need it most. Sense needs to prevail, I'm thinking of you Alan. X

  • Nathan Skinner Thank you everyone for your support, I know Alan really appreciates it!! Please remember to share on facebook and twitter, send emails and tell your friends! Many thanks, Nathan

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