Get Abortion Out of the State Budget

Even though abortion stops a beating human heart and women are physically and emotionally scarred by the supposedly 'private' right to abortion, it is publicly funded by your state funds and the entire marketing and infrastructure of the industry is underpinned with your tax-dollars.

We urge you to send Governor Brown a message to stop the multi-million dollar funding of the abortion industry in California! Make sure your legislators know as well.

Our state is bankrupt and we are still funding the Death industry! Human beings are more important than an absurd ideology rooted in Marxist/Feminist theory! Those lives will be VERY important to the graying population, but ideology has dismissed each life and its significance

California has the largest number of abortions of all states - BUT it is much worse!
California has twice the per-capita RATE of abortion, nearly 20% of the nation's human abortions are done in California!

Why? Because they are free, and you are paying for them!

Let's stop the Death machinery!! And tell your friends to speak up now! Unfortunately the Abortion-controlled Democrat-party machinery has a squeezehold on the purse strings of the state. Dear state legislators: The state is billions in debt. We urge you to stop the state-funding of abortion on demand using our tax dollars.


California ProLife Council



  • Linda Carpenter Everyone should watch the stage of development once baby begins to "humanize" with heart beating, etc.
    Education is the answer. Stop people who put their head "in the sand" please. And use no free tax payer money.

  • Nicholas Sinclair Testing. Testing. 1. 2. 3.

  • Ann Delgado Sadly, most women that I knew would use abortion as their birth control method. With so many effective birth control methods these days, there's really no excuse for a woman to have an unwanted pregnancy in CA.

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