Stop the changes to Amateur MMA rules in Georgia!

This petition is intended to show the Georgia Athlectic and Entertainment Commission how their recent vote to change the rules of Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Events has been negatively received. Some of the rules (specifically the 10 count after a knockdown) actually make the matches MORE dangerous to competitors. The other rule changes put Georgia fighters at a severe disadvantage should they decide to pursue fights out-of-state after having only been exposed to these rules. Please sign this petition if you want to see the GAEC repeal these recent changes! To see the new rules go to the GAEC website's post here (page 4, Section 90-2-05):


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    Katorious Johnson, United States

    4 years ago Comments: First off I am 17 years old and cant wait to start my amateur carrier in m.m.a,but now that i see the so called new rules I must say i am highly offended.To think that in my amateur carrier my skill set will be limited,i mean no kicks to the head,no knees to the face,no slamming,no ground and pound,and no i hear that some submissions i cant do.Is this really the way that's going to prepare me for pro m.m.a fights in the future because even tho im new to this sport, im not new to fighting and training so i would deeply appreciate if the G.A.E.C would reconsider changing some of the new rules to help new fighters such as myself become accustom to real m.m.a fights and better help prepare younger fighter for their pro debut.
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    Karina Soto, United States

    4 years ago Comments: -
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    Dustin lee spires, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I plan to compete in amateur mma in the near future and I highly dislike the idea of my moves set being limited to armbars, chokes and straight leg locks only. I haven't trained this hard to not be able to use what I've learned. And wtf is up with a standing 10 count being involved, this is mma not boxing. You take kicks to the head away, but allow a competitor to get knocked down and get back up to take even more damage to their brain. Are you fucking serious? Does the name Muhamed Ali ring a bell?
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