Gas Crisis

We the people of the United States need relief now.The cost of gasoline is at a crisis level for many families. Some having to choose between basic neccesities and gas to get to work. We elected new faces in congress to help the working people.This issue should be a top priority for the democrats who profess to be for the lower and middle class instead of big business. Long term fixes are important,but right now is when help is needed.Gas price caps,opening reserves to drive down prices,temporary removal of taxes,fines and investigations of the oil and gas companies,any or all of the above are solutions to the problem. We did not choose to put the democrats in power to only fight over the Iraq war.We need help on domestic issues too.The price of gas is causing hardships for many families and will cripple many cities and towns who depend on the summer tourist industry.


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    Jeff, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Taking advantage of the american people is nothing short of criminal. It does not speak very well of any corporation, to profit on the misery of the working class citizen. This is, unfortunately, a neccessary commodity for the american worker. No one should every have to choose between filling the car tank, or filling their familes stomachs. Congress providing empty promises about taking care of the poor and middle class, is not only a disgrace, but is a prime example of not doing their job.....the right thing.
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    LORETTA STANEY, United States

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    Katherine D. Hamilton, United States

    7 years ago
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