Close down GamingW and Gamemaker For Good!

Greetings, I am Flich. The net is filled with bad places such as GamingW and the IRC channel: #gamemaker on dynastynet. Most this website and irc channel do is flame and do everything that is somewhat bad too little kids and teaching them a bad example. The website is mostly for not publicly viewing for little kids, some of the website is offended by not saying there copyright law... This have to stop. I will do everything in my power to close them. The IRC Channel it self is 10 time worest... The channel is in a State of Nature basicly. All incept Life is obey. Liberty and Property is never obeyed in this channel. Like for me I am a Christain/Mormon and homosexulality is not allow in my religion and they kicked and banned me for saying that. Religion makes up the world and they have to get use to it. So please put a stop to these both websites. I am counting on everyones vote! Please ----Flich----


Links This is Flich\'s Website, it deals the games and is hopeing for GamingW and Gamemaker\'s Closeing


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    NeroX, United States

    5 years ago State: -
    Country: -
    Comments: I'm the only motherfucker to sign this petition, and I'm only doing it to tell you I hate you. Go die in a big, gay explosion, fuckass.
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    Adolf Hitler, Philippines

    7 years ago Country: DE
    Comments: Ehem! I boycott Gaming World Guiltforge as well! Gaming World's full of Gay Aliens lickin' hell out from the anime freaks! Where as the Guilt...FUDGE, they suck for real! They don't tolerate emos! Well, I guess that RMN, RRR or the HATSU! Nation's the best refuge for emos and japfags now!
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    Kamen Rider Den-O, Philippines

    7 years ago Country: JP
    Comments: HATSU! Nation's the best! Why That site welcomes emos, hated Japfags, Silver4Donuts, pigs, FF7 die-hards, fangamers, RPG Makers and of course anythin' about Kamen Riders!
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