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Galerians was a PS1 sci-fi horror game brought to the US in year 2000. It was a great game. Awesome storyline, awesome characters, awesome graphics. A bit difficult, but that kept me trying. After that came the PS2 sequal, Galerians:ASH, as well as the OVA, Galerians:RION. G:ASH was outstanding. It was a bit easier than Galerians, making it easier to progress through the storyline, and the graphics had improved a lot. The OVA, Galerians:RION was my favorite of all three. It was the original PS1 game put into CG anime format, with graphics quality similar to G:ASH. The series has not had a new release in years, and it\'s fans are now taking down their websites and rarely visiting online usergroups. Which is very sad, for a series that great. I want Galerians to come back. I want to see either another game or another OVA. Cain Pegasus. He was Rion\'s Galerian brother, yet we only got about 8 minutes or so of him in the end of the OVA and PS1 game. If he was the main character\'s brother, don\'t you think he should have more invovement in the story My suggestion is make a game or OVA, Galerians:CAIN to show more of him, 8 minutes is not enough screentime for a character with that much storyline signifigance! I make this petition in the hope that we don\'t have to lose the greatness known as Galerians so soon. I still don\'t understand why something that cool can have so few fans.


Right now, the only sponsors of this are my friend and I, and our guild on Gaia online:


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    Pri Anka, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I love Cain, he was my favorite character. It's true, he deserves ore than just 8 mins.
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    Rachel Diaz, Brazil

    7 years ago Country: BR
    Comments: This was one of the best game plot I've ever played. It must have a sequal!
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    Taomi Doupe, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Damnit! I want to see this happen! D:
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