Stop the Foreign Fur Farms!

Overseas, in such countries like Indonesia, China, and Taiwan, animals are beaten, abused, and skinned alive purely for their fur. Hundreds die each day. The living quarters for these animals before their death are insufferable. The means by which they\'re \"processed\" for skinning are beyond inhumane. And despite that thousands of people know this--fur is still purchased from these countries because of their cheap prices. It seems like a cycle impossible to break, but it needs to be done, for the sake of animals, who, just as humans, don\'t deserve to be tortured to death. Please, sign this petition as a stance against this cancer of society. And if you buy furs soley based on their cheap price, please stop it to hurt the foreign fur market. If you can, don\'t buy furs at all. Faux fur is incredibly cheap in comparison, and usually warmer anyway.


This petition was started by a fifteen-year-old girl in the United States who grew sick of seeing the slaughter of so many animals while taking no action. The only people on her side of this matter are those keen on animal rights. This is a nonprofitable petition blahblahblah. Eat your cereal.



  • Anonymous what about mink farms in usa banned too ?

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    Jasminka Muminovic, United States

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    Comments: This act is cruel and senseless. I can't imagine how heartless you'd have to be to commit such harm and suffering to helpless animals.
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