how da hell can an exam decide ma lyf

how d hell can a friigin piece of paper u ryt giv an insight into your intellect..... xamination is d biggest bull shit coz der is more to ma lyf dan dese pieces of papers.... how can my or ur intellect be chkd jus on basis of one paper on a subj coz each of our understnding of a subj is more dan jus dat set 25-30 q's...... n we r all chkd on basis of jus one person's understnding of a subj.... hello!!!!! this is 2008!!!!! n d world is supposd to think differently n change ways....... we hav progressd soo much but we still havnt changed da way u measure anoder human's intelligence... how d hell can one paper say it all.. n dat too d answer is jus one person's view of it... dere is a glass wid 50% water..... a student myt it is half full but da teacher myt says itz half empty...but no d student has to agree wid da teacher by sayin itz half empty!!!!!! hellow where is da room fer innovation we need more than one view on a topic fer pete's sake!!! dere is no universal ryt answer!!! truth is multi dimensional!!! not jus one way..... pls dis is a desperate strife fer reviewing da bull shit colld xamz n dis is written wid a hope dat we get togetha to fight against dis bullshit!!! COZ AS WE ALL KNOW DESE TEACHERS SPEAK ONE COMMON LANGUAGE!!!! ITZ COLLD BULLSHIT!!!!(xcept fer sum nice teachers) p.s. dis is written wid an intention to entertain n itz soul purpose is jus to entertain n possibly get anoder point of view on xaminationz, daz oll!!!!=)


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    sakina, United Arab Emirates

    7 years ago
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    Yashna H, United Arab Emirates

    7 years ago Comments: an exam cannot change nybdys lyf and as far as the answers of da xam r concerned, they r nt wt da teachers think -- they r SCIENTIFIC and r based on da text book of tht subject wich is made by several professore n intellects ( hu hv studied science nd r much more learned than us ) i also agree with u in sum parts .. the eg was also gud in ure case the student is an optimist nd the teacher is a pessimist.... nd after school when u go to the university, there is more of application of knowledge there .... in school they teach u more of the basics nd u hv to apply less of ur own thinking but when u go for higher studies ur thinking is also questioned nd ur analytical thinking gets better .... u try to think more logically nd thts where there are many answers thts the true test my friend ;D;D Now u are tought sumthng n tested on tht .... to a certain extent i also agree with u ;);)
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    Vatsal, United Arab Emirates

    7 years ago
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