Lost Desert

When I play the Fruit Machine on Neopets in the Lost Desert, I never win a petpet. Petpets are too expensive just to buy so it is really good when you win it on the Fruit Machine because it is free. I barely ever win on the Fruit Machine and neither does Stampinkid@aol.com. She is my best friend and we always tell each other when we win on stuff. She barely ever hears that I win on the Fruit Machine and she would also like it if she could with Petpets on there too. So please sign my petition to make the chances of winning a petpet on Fruit Machine higher.


The people sponsering my petition is http://www.ipetitions.com and www.neopets.com.


http://www.petitions.com http://www.neopets.com


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    survivalgear, Turkey

    2 years ago State: Pennsylvania
    Country: Dominican Republic
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    Manish, France

    2 years ago State: West Virginia
    Country: Anguilla
    Comments: Ah yes, in an ideal world Robert. My dad was a scout master and so I grew up very much in the wisdnreels unlike a lot of todays youth. I think another issue we have currently is the state of our economy as for most parents money is the biggest goal to strive for and trips to the wisdnreels the cheapest form of break. Which brings us back around to the ecotourism route again and improving education and understanding as you say.
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    Tio, United States

    2 years ago State: Arkansas
    Country: Hungary
    Comments: When visitation statrs to negatively impact the resources for which the place was protected a management plan should be developed to guide the mitigation of the impact. It does not necessary mean that you limit visitation to numbers of tourists. Sometimes limiting access at certain times of the year. For example closing or greatly reducing visitation during the bird breeding season or when high wildfire conditions are evident.It is important to justify these actions and to make an effort to enlighten users for these actions.
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