Frosties Advert - Get Rid Of It Now!!

The new Frosties ad makes me sick every time I see it, and makes me feel like holding that kid at gunpoint. Did Kelloggs sink so low they had to hire a kid who sings about looking forward to his breakfast I think Kelloggs just missed the line \'I think of Frosties when I masturbate.\' It doesn\'t even rhyme either, what the hell is a pie rate It just sounds so wrong though, such as: He likes Frosties so much he can\'t wait to eat them on a morning. Frosties can be used in a social respect. Frosties are so good they can be served in restaurants. Pirates eat Frosties Frosties are eaten on dates. People from many different countries like to eat Frosties Since when do pirates (pie rates) Australian Diggery Doo players, and Godzilla eat Frosties Like Godzilla would take a break from crushing Japan and eating people to have a bowl of Frosties Then at the end, the kid gets a bit overexcited about a cereal and starts doing all these gangsta moves on some weird thing in a parade in the middle of the street, which makes him look like he\'s on crack or something. So, lets get this advert off our screens before we all learn the words and go insane singing it.




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    jqzuhnxz, Latvia

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    kdude, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: i dont get it... hes a flaming child... the poor dude got bullied shitless... how can u ppl sink so low as to make a silly petition yeah sure he was annoying but so are alot of things in life u jus gotta learn 2 live with it... bulling makes me sick and if thats not enough its a child, for fuck sake!!!
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    anonymous, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: all u sad o's need to get a life n stop watching crapy adverts on t.v faggots
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