From the fans of Thorin to Peter Jackson: we would like to be heard.

Dear Mr Jackson! You have created an incredible cinematic world of Middle-earth, which have already become home for thousands and millions of fans, you gave us wonderful, brightest characters, which are perfect and only possible embodiments of beloved heroes. This is a real layer of culture, of fan culture throughout the world, stunningly rich and diverse. Trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" was a titanic work, but you took up no less complex and exciting task --- to film "The Hobbit". To see Middle Earth on the big screen again --- as though to return home for many of us. And you have pleased us with its mesmerizing beauty, breathtaking action and striking characters again . But, despite the many fans' love to the familiar main characters such as Bilbo and Gandalf, not less we liked Thorin Oakenshield. For many of us, he means more than might be imagined: for each of us, his fans, he represents something different, attractive in his own way, and this is not just a hysterical fan love. We deeply regret that Professor Tolkien killed Thorin in the book, but do not absolutely want and are not going to challenge the correctness of this action. Instead, we decided to turn to you with a request not to kill him at least in the movie. We realize that it is very difficult to change it, because filming is said to have already been completed, and that the change of the final of the book in the end of the film is a great responsibility. We realize that the probability that someone will change the finished film for us, the fans, is negligible. But we can not give up the idea to appeal to you, because the death of Thorin will cause many fans great pain, more than many of us would like to go through. Please do not kill Thorin! This request, the attempt to write to you is an unusual task for us, we would like at least to be heard, and if you will not be able to do it, we will take it easy. But we believe that for the sake of such a strong love of many people to a particular hero sometimes happen the impossible thing and hope for it.
Thank you for all the beauty that you have created!



  • Peter Are you faking kidding me? It's the most idiotic ask wich I ever seen... Hobbit is the book of Tolkien and no one has rights to change it...

  • Nikki Wezenbeek Wow really? So when people make movies out of books, (examples such as the Hunger Games, Much Ado About Nothing, Harry Potter etc) and they kill off characters that don't die in the books, or introduce new characters that aren't even in the books, that's not changing it?

  • Neck Romancer This is very different. In those cases they introduce minor or medium changes, that don't damage the story (too much). But Thorin Oakenshield's death in the Hobbit is so important as Lord Voldemort's in the HP books. Thu he's not evi, he's greedy and corrupt by the idea of the Arkenstone, and so he dies. It's a lesson, not an author's game. Besides, TLOTR and TH are very different from other fantasy novels. Tolkien's work is litterature, not JUST FANTASY. Everithing has a deeper meaning, a hidden lesson, like viking sagas used to have.

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