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We the people of RSRP are sick of Freeze Aka Crimzon being a hazard to the good of the community. Over the months that he has been here, he has done nothing but induce drama, anger, and hate in the minds of many. He has no bounds, and he is not merciful. By signing here, we can stop this before it turns into something more that it already is; a menace. We the people will not stand for it, therefore, this is a petition to ban Freeze AKA Crimzon. You can help this petition by just signing your name and personal experiences here.

Your petition sign will be removed if youd o not provide a link to your Steam ID page. Please use your Steam name that you're commonly known as.



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    klzybd, Japan

    4 years ago Comments: 65bFMK <a href="http://aylvuhsfqxge.com/">aylvuhsfqxge</a>, [url=http://yntyaiuxltfj.com/]yntyaiuxltfj[/url], [link=http://vibmfrzoocyw.com/]vibmfrzoocyw[/link], http://fsdgmzwckunp.com/
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    Shippage, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Don't like him.
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    Pat 'Fuck that faggot Freeze' O'Brian, United States

    4 years ago Comments: Freeze is an immature little bitch-child whose prepubescent voice and undropped balls constantly bitch, moan and cry about everything and needs to shut the fuck up. Gtfo and lrn 2 swain mofuckah.
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