To Friends, Family, Neighbors & Whom It May Concern; I am writing on behalf of my son, Royce Miller, who has suffered a gross injustice through the SFPD. He was charged, then convicted for a murder he did not commit. Evidence clearly points to the homicide being committed by another individual, who last saw the victim alive, and was later detained with the victim's cell phone in his possession. Inspector Kervin Silas (homicide div) is protecting the true perpetrator of the murder: 1) The murderer was busted in a stolen car with a crack pipe and the deceased girl's cell phone - he was never charged or dealt with for either offense. 2) His DNA was never taken, nor the stolen car processed for DNA or other evidence. Three months later, Ins. Silas decided to process the car - it had been conveniently destroyed. The murderer is a crack addict and the deceased had cocaine in her system. The deceased girl's clothes and blanket were not processed to check for the murderer's DNA. (Royce's DNA was not found on anything to connect him to the murder). 3) Silas had 3 interviews with the murder and each time fed him information regarding the case. He also told him he knew he had nothing to do with the crime, but needed information about who had committed it. During each interview the murderer gave Silas different accounts of how he got the cell phone. Silas chose the last version because it was the most believable for charging Royce. 4) On the stand, Silas praised the murderer for being smart and not participating in disposing of the body, when in fact the murderer had threatened Royce to dispose of the body, or else... In the end, the murderer plead the 5th Amendment and refused to testify at the trial, even though he testified at the Preliminary Hearing. The deceased's phone records proved that the murderer used her phone to make personal calls during the last hours, but at trial they claimed that Royce was talking to her, when his phone records actually proved him to be talking to other people from his place of work. Royce's Miranda Rights should have been read during one of his interviews with Silas. He had been detained in handcuffs at home for hours while they processed the house, then taken to the station to be interviewed for another four hours while still handcuffed. He kept repeating he had nothing to say and asked to be allowed to go - but denied. Instead, they left him in a room for hours (still handcuffed). How would Royce know that he wasn't being detained when he had been handcuffed the whole day He thought he had no choice but to wait until released. They omitted to read him his Miranda Rights during this interrogation. His friend "P.T.", their key witness, who helped move the body, was first coerced to give information in exchange for immunity; then threatened by some individuals to pin the murder on Royce. P.T. went into protective house, but the jury was never privy to this information. P.T.'s mother was also threatened, but she stated she knew it was not Royce's doing. My son sat bravely through his trial while the lynching mob called him names and destroyed his character with circumstantial and fabricated information. Now with Silas' misguided lack of evidence, they want to send my son to the penitentiary for 15 years. knowing he did not commit the murder. Royce has never been to juvenile hall, nor given me any trouble. In fact, I trusted him to work at both of my businesses. He is not a "good boy gone bad" as stated in court. The murderer is a career criminal with several convictions and rape and assaults against women. How is it that he manages to continuously commit crimes and released back on the streets in a short time Because he is protected!! This is not fair and the judicial system is a joke. Silas knowingly and willingly presented circumstantial information and protected witnesses to railroad my son just to "sign a conviction for the City" before he retires. My son's life should not be a pawn in their chess game. These homicide inspectors continue to ruin our children's lives unjustly. True justice must prevail!!! If you agree, please sign the petition below with your name, phone number and e-mail address. Sincerely, Dana Chapman, Royce's Mom


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