Free Dr. Kent Hovind from an unjust persecution.

We, the American public who support Dr. Kent Hovind, are shocked, dismayed and appalled by how Dr. Hovind has been the victim of the combined efforts of a rogue IRS agent, a Federal Prosecutor and an activist Judge who subsequently used an innocent and honest man as an example of how tax evasion is wrong. Furthermore, we believe these actions of a few individuals may be an effort to silence his important, truth-revealing message. Dr. Hovind has led many people to Christ through the tireless efforts of his world-renowned Creation Science Evangelism ministry. His prosecution is a blatant example of a modern-day religious persecution on behalf of an activist judicial system. While we do support paying taxes, we do not support tax evasion charges for Dr. Hovind, and he should not be incarcerated in a maximum security prison, either. Dr. Hovind did not hurt, injure, or kill anyone or anything, and yet he must do jail time with hardened criminals. It is simply unjust to place this man with murderers and rapists. We, the undersigned, request the immediate release and return of Dr. Kent Hovind to his family and ministry in Pensacola, Florida. God Bless America!


  • susan cline He is one of the great Americans, and articulate defender of the Biblical truths of creationism.

  • diana Unjust persecution!!!

  • Malachi Burrow The truth Kent Hovind speaks of has never been too popular, and has quite often been silenced due to the undeniable power of it. This man should be freed not only just because he speaks truth, but because he speaks it with such integrity.

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