Set Jeff Washington Free

This petition is raising awareness of a man that has been wrongly incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Exposing prosecutorial misconduct and blantent disregard for protecting our Constitutional Rights, Freejeff is a real story about a real person that we are rigorously provoking his freedom from a Justice system that has failed him and his family. What do we do when due process of law is manipulated and the outcome is premeditated Who will believe such a story Please read the evidence on the website(links to the right)and sign our petition which is twofold. First, we want a redo of Jeff Washington\'s trial in an unbiased venue and jurisdiction. Second, we want the Commonwealth Attorney and Police Dept Case/Administrative files to be completely opened and transparent for the purpose of accountability and retribution. Thank you for your interest and willingness to get involved. Email for any questions that you may have. We, the undersigned, do hereby demand the Commonwealth Attorney\'s Office of Winchester Va, the Winchester Police Department and the Va State Crime Lab, the FBI, the United States Justice Department-Criminal Department Civil Division, the American Civil Liberties Union (Va Division) re-examine any and all relevant information and evidence and in as much as re-open this case for retrial. We petition for a new unbiased investigation that will openly disclose all findings favorable or otherwise relative to the Carlos Marshall Murder Investigation, The Commonwealth Attorney\'s Office(Winchester Va), The Winchester Va Police Dept and all Judicial Oversee\'rs that participated in ommitting of exculpatory evidence relative to Jeff Washington\'s due process of law. We demand this full re-investigation into the Marshall Murder case and prosecutorial misconduct alleged by the defendant and the informed petitioners who have undersigned this document, expediently and in \'good faith\'.




  • charlie greathouse Set the man free the man that charged him'was a crook and cheat.

  • robert parkinson Not to mention his gsr results were negative and had a witness put him elswere during the murder. But they didnt want to here that. Crooked ass bastards!!

  • Tracey nolan Don't know this gentleman, but feel he's innocent by what I've seen and read..may you return home to your lived one's.

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