Freedom for Kent Hovind

We, the American public who support Dr. Kent Hovind, are shocked, dismayed and appalled by how Dr. Hovind has been the victim of religious persecution by the combined efforts of a rogue IRS agent, a Federal Prosecutor and an activist Judge. Furthermore, we believe these actions of a few individuals may be an effort to silence his important, truth-revealing message against evolution. Dr. Hovind has led many people to Christ through the tireless efforts of his world-renowned Creation Science Evangelism ministry. His prosecution is a blatant example of a modern-day religious persecution on behalf of an activist judicial system. Christians support paying taxes Mat 22:21... Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar\'s; and unto God the things that are God\'s. But as clearly seen in this Biblical teaching Christians give the government what is theirs and give God what is His. Dr. Hovind followed this Christian teaching and now he is imprisoned for it. The money that Dr. Hovind\'s ministry has belongs to God, not to the government, and the people that work at CSE are not employees but are servants of God. The government clearly locked Kent Hovind up for his religious beliefs. We, the undersigned, request the immediate release and return of Dr. Kent Hovind to his family and ministry in Pensacola, Florida. If Dr. Hovind is not released, I am sure that Christians everywhere will start a revolution.




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    gergana yankova, Greece

    2 years ago Comments: Kent, you're right about everything,you are unjustly sentenced.If the laws need to change your case is proof for this.When a person is left with no choice state is dictatorial.The first principle of dictatorship is this.We love you and support you in prayer.Especially I live in Greece end several years now I follow your activity.I Dissemination your seminars.My whole heart is with you and not only my.You can not imagine how many people are with you end you represent many people.All we had to be in prison.WE WANT FREEDOM FOR YOU AND ME.
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    skip, South Africa

    5 years ago
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    Hendrik de beer, South Africa

    5 years ago
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