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my name is sharon fernie my husband was convicted of sexualy abusing 3 of his kids from his first partner on the 17 of april 2009 he has five kids to his first partner but only three of them made allagations that he sexualy abused them one was his son who lived with us since the age of 12 to the age of 22 we kicked him out due to drug taking and and drinking his oldest daughter made allagations to saying he did it to her then his third eldest to made allagations that he did it i have been with my husban for 11 years and i know him better than anyone. they had good relationship with there dad up to 2007 when his three kids asked there dad to stop there mum marrige to another man he said no he wasnt intrested becouse he loved me they turned on him. His oldest daughter was getting problems of her expartner she asked her dad to deal with him but he wouldnt. i have five kids to gordon and and my kids love there dad very much they are devastated to what happend to there dad my youngest is 3 years old and she has to grow up with out him i also have a 5year old and a 7 year old 9 year old and a 11 year who is never going to be with there dad again gordon would never hurt a child or no one for that matter he is so good natured loving and would help anyone one he hasnt got a bad bone in his body. he is up for senticenceing on the 15 of may 2009 so please help me sign my petition urs faithfully sharon fernie


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    Scotland against beasts, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: Aw well u will all have a great babysitter when the monster gets out of prison. Ya sick sick bastards this man is a calis sweet talker who has fooled use all he has molested kids you freaks all of you and this beast should be hanged. As for the wife you must be on heroin if you thing this monster will ever see ur poor kids again I hope ur kids are taken from you into saftey coz you are as bad as ur beastly man. Fuck Gordon fernie the man is a child molester.GOD BLESS HIS POOR VICTOMS.
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    john grey, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: this man should receive the death penalty he is an evil beast. god bless his poor victims
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    anti sex abuser, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN CELL WOULD NOT SIGN THIS!!!!! Gordan is a child abuser he rapes children it is disgusting what he has been charged with how anyone can stand by him is beyond me!!!!
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