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As Windows XP reaches the end of its life, there are many of us switching to newer versions of Windows for daily use, for security and ease of use. However, there are still a great deal many of us with older computers. Sometimes we need to install a fresh copy of Windows, maybe it's because of a hard disk failure or some other reason, but there are certainly many situations in which a Windows XP installation disc is a very useful thing to have, because newer versions just don't run on some computers. The problem is that Windows XP installation discs may be easily obtainable, but Windows XP activation codes are not. Sure, there are plenty of ways to get a working copy of Windows XP illegally, but breaking the law is still breaking the law, and many of us will simply not do that. So I'm asking Microsoft to release Windows XP as a free to use operating system following their end of support for the operating system. As the date comes and goes, many of the largest users of Windows XP will have already adopted its successors for reasons of security, and the usage numbers will continue to dwindle as they have for years. Windows XP lacks many features that are now taken for granted on computers, and is itself only compelling for those of us with old computers on which we wish to run a Windows operating system, but which cannot capably run Windows 7 or 8. So, Microsoft could easily release Windows XP disc image files (ISOs) for free download, along with general purpose activation keys that will work on any computer, and it would likely have little to no impact on their sales of Windows 8.1, but will they? I sure hope so. Sign my petition if you like Windows XP and want to see it stick around for all of those old computers that are still useful but unable to run a modern operating system. Even if you won't make use of the disc images yourself, I ask for your support, for the sake of those of us that will.


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    Brock Rodarte

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    Smith Smith

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    Paul Beltman, United States

    1 year ago Comments: I agree - I'd suggest Windows XP Pro as a free download, with no activation key required. In addition to your comments, I'd also point out that MS would gain a larger installed base of Windows users that would later be more likely to upgrade to a new version of Windows. MS could consider a good marketing tool, as well as providing a useful OS for people with outdated PCs.
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