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Barred from the relative safety of a place he briefly called home, known as Baystation12, and although he has been able to stay in communication with the other residents, he has been unable to return to visit since the end of January.



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    Marina, China

    2 years ago Comments: STAY AWAY FROM 2MHOST!2MHost is the single worse hnositg company in the world. Server has been down about 2 to 4 times a month. Its even down when their server is up and my site is still down. They are the worse!
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    Lupe, Japan

    2 years ago Comments: Run, don't walk!!Singularly the worst service I've ever had.Couldn't even get my site UP never, in 10 yrs of budniilg sites and ftp'ing, have I had a problem with this.Tech support are completely clueless.Oh, and check out their 30-day money back guarantee I already reported this host to the BBB. emdridtjou wysnmtgto
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    Rufus, China

    2 years ago Comments: Lets clarify shomteing here and now, a crowd of drunken supposed football fans singing their support for the IRA are not in the same league as Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.I have no doubt that a large number of Celtic fans have a sympathy for what the republicans have achieved and wish to achieve, myself included. You do not have exclusive rights to persecution, my problem with you is you insist my football club be a vehicle for your beliefs, you show me a film of celtic park singing to a man to an IRA song the way they do to a true Celtic song and I will concede the point and say I am not true Celt, otherwise you smarten up or take the nonesense elsewhere.
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