Free Chris McGee

As sad as it is a gross miscarriage of justice has happened here & he should not have been found guilty it should have been Accidental death we need to get this sentence reversed!!!! Please read the following link



  • derek bramell holroyd has just said that the jury in bill roaches trial were not allowed to see an interview that bill roach took part in in case it in influenced the jury unfairly. Yet he let the jury see the carriage footage to show just how drunk georgia was, yet chris did not take part n the carriage footage or had no knowledge, what a shameful decision if that is not is infuencing a jury unfairly i dont what is

  • Caroline Houghton It is unfortunate that the jury actually saw the improvements to the station, not the condition of the Station the night that Georgie accidentally died. therefore the case was a farce!!

  • d bramell the prosecution stated that georgie was clearly drunk on james st station, if she was as CLEARLY DRUNK as they believe then why did they need to show the platform footage numerous times as chris only had one opportunity to see this.The prosecution then decided to show the edited footage of the carriage numerous times, chris could not see this from his cab, yet it was portrayed as if he could clearly see the carriage. It was not the juries job to see if georgie was drunk, it was their job to see if they could tell If chris could see if she was drunk on the platform after watching the platform footage once and once.If you can not tell after watching the platform footage just once and only once, like chris then the verdict had to be NOT GUILTY other wise another mis-carriage of justice.

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