Signers of this petition declare that they are customers of the Fallbrook Public Utility District (FPUD).

We believe that the June 19, 2013 FPUD water rate hearing notice was grossly inaccurate and deceptive in claiming “... 89% of the increase in water rates is due to the increase in the cost FPUD must pay to our wholesalers for water”, when in actuality it is less than 40% of the increase for the fiscal year starting July 1, 2013.

We believe that this notice was also grossly misleading with the statement, “Revenue for these improvements continue to come from an $8.00/Equivalent Meter Unit (EMU) per month Capital Improvement Charge” (emphasis added). This statement implied that the charge would remain unchanged. But in reality the FPUD Board voted to increase the Capital Improvement Charge by 100% from $4.00 per month to $8.00 for ¾ inch meters effective July 1, 2013. This $4.00 per month increase resulted in up to a $60.00 per month increase for customers with larger meters.

Whereas members of the FPUD Board of Directors were notified of the misleading and deceptive statements and calculation inaccuracies in the notice at the June 19, 2013 hearing, and again at the June 24, 2013 board meeting, they elected to approve the rate increase anyway.

We, the signers of this petition, declare a vote of 'no confidence' in the FPUD board members who voted to approve this water price increase. We also petition the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and the California Attorney General’s Office to fully investigate and find that the hearing notice was so erroneous and deceptive that it did not fulfill the requirements under California law as a legal hearing notice, and that the water price increases be ruled null and void. Furthermore, we petition FPUD to only raise their rates at the same time that SDCWA raises its' rates and that FPUD remove all automatic price increases from their budget. Also that FPUD adjust their rate request for FY 2013-2014 (fiscal year) to make good on their original notification claim that the rate increase will be an 89% pass-through, and that the Capital Improvement charge remain unchanged at $4.00/EMU. Lastly, we demand that an independent audit of FPUD's entire operation be conducted and released to the public prior to the end of the year 2013.


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How much did my water cost go up?

FPUD Water rate increase notice

Calculation of SDCWA rate increase as % share of total FPUD rate increase

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  • Hugh Bavaro Their bills are atrocious. I pay $150+ per month for a one toilet office, 2 persons, very little traffic. My home is half that with 3 x the size, 4 toilets and showers,with 4 persons. living here. Oh yea, I am on septic. FPUD is out of control with their billings.

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