For The Love Of Starbucks Coffee

Good citizens of Fort Payne and the surrounding area, have you ever woken up in need of your caffeine in the morning and found yourself out of time to make a pot of coffee Would you like to be able to be on your way to the office or workplace and stop by a Starbucks Coffee and purchase your favorite blend of coffee to start your morning off right If so, I have started this petition to try to convince the fine folks at Starbucks Coffee to look into establishing a new location in the Fort Payne area. With your help, by signing this petition, I would like to further influence Starbucks Coffee that their presence in our area would be a great investment. If you enjoy coffee and have ever been to a Starbucks location and enjoyed their blends, please sign and leave a comment telling your thoughts on the subject.


This petition is just for those of us who love the enjoyment of a friendly enviroment and good coffee. Thanks to for allowing the use of their services.


You can visit the Starbucks Coffee website at


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    Auth, United States

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    Cosmo, Hong Kong

    2 years ago Comments: they do not care what others think of them, they are ehietr lying or, a0have cold blood running through their veins.a0It is easy for people who don't know me to hate me. It is very, very convenient. Some people do not want to take the time to get to know me, my motivations, or the truth. Because if they did, they risk liking me. Liking me is something they have all ready made up their minds they won't do.a0a0If they get to know me, they are afraid that I may become human to them. Once they see me as human, it starts to get harder to hate.a0Have you heard anyone say, oh, I met so-n-so, and ya know what?, they are really OK after all ! a0It is a shame that some people are hard wired to judge unfairly. No one likes to be judged.a0Do unto others as you would want them to do a0unto you ..and while you are at it, learn what free enterprise and trademark law is all about.Note: When you buy Popeye's Chicken, the $$$ for the use of the trademark, Popeye's , goes to King Features, which primarily ownd my investors from New York and California. Yea, DAT POPEYE's is a New Orleans legend, but I think we should boycott it anyway.Who do they think they are, trying to sell us chicken, and then take some of the money to pay for the stupid name they put on the box?! The name Popeye was the brainchild of Al Copland and he is from New Orleans! Then the people adopted Popeye's as a New Orleans thing! .POPEYE BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE!!!! a0OCCUPY POPEYE!a0Steve Monistere
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    vbkgpxm, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: bxk0OD , yrpmmidrftdr, nqqealygnxtk,
    State: Oklahoma
    Country: Sao Tome And Principe
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