Fox Sports: No More Troy and Joe In Green Bay

We, the fans of the Green Bay Packers (known from this point forward in this letter as "Packers," or "The Packers"), formally request that the Fox Sports division of the Fox Broadcasting Company (known from this point forward as "Fox Sports" or the "NFL on Fox") abstain from assigning one Joseph Francis Buck and one Troy Kenneth Aikman to the announcing duties of your on-air broadcast of all Packer games at either Lambeau Field, or at any out-of-town game the Packers will be competing in. For several years, Packer fans have been subject to, what is felt as, an over-saturation of this duo. This is due in part to the success of the Packers over the past five or so years, which has included several playoff appearances, as well as a Super Bowl victory. Due to such, Fox Sports has made the Packers their feature team to broadcast. This has led to Buck and Aikman being assigned to well over 70% of all Packer games played over the past several years. This duo has frequently featured a very inept and apathetic approach to the sport. While Mr. Buck has proven himself an effective baseball announcer, he ineffectively fills the shoes of the man he replaced, Mr. Pat Summerall. Troy Aikman does not sit well with fans of the Packers due to the team he played for during his time as an NFL quarterback, the Dallas Cowboys. He was the quarterback during a time of great controversy in the history between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, which forces a great number of Packer fans to harbor a great amount of resentment. Together, the combination of these two individuals has led to them earning the nickname "Bert and Ernie" from Larry McCarren, the color commentator to Green Bay's radio broadcasts. The fans of the Packers are willing to take any step necessary to drive this point home to Fox Sports, up to the active boycott of sponsors, both to the network, and any local sponsor of the stations that show the games. We feel that our request is fair, and that Fox Sports owes it to the general public to kindly accept our request.


  • Mai Chou Vue I pull my hair out everytime these two bozos are on the commentary end of the games

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    Mai Chou Vue, United States

    10 months ago Comments: I pull my hair out everytime these two bozos are on the commentary end of the games
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    Alan Goad, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Aikman is a train's cruel to let this guy with obvious brain damage to be in public.
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    D Kay, United States

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