**** to be removed from School Board

Should Vice Principals of high schools encourage you to finish out high school and get your diploma or should they tell you to just drop out, and that you\'re pretty much wasting your time going through school Are high school Vice Principals supposed to talk down on students and call them "sluts" and "whores" over the phone to other students in the same school Our Vice Principal **** seems to think it\'s OK to encourage us to drop out of school rather than stay in school. He also thinks it\'s OK to degrade students. One day a few kids were sitting over at someone\'s house and a boy called **** on speaker phone and asked him what he thinks of a certain girl at our school. *** replied, "I think she\'s a little slut." He also has called a few people down to the office to tell them who they should and should not date. **** once told a girl when he was angry at her to go "sell herself in the commons area." If you agree that this is wrong, please sign this petition to help us get **** removed from his position in our school system.




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    becky byrne, United States

    7 years ago Comments: he was very degrating to my daughter while she went to school there
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    Emily Rice, United States

    7 years ago Comments: this has been a long time coming its about time some one did something about his outragous behavor ive never met a vice principal that was even close to how bad germundson is he is a creep how should have been fire his second day on the job you want to hear pathetic ask them why i was expelled from there school i was being harrassed by a group of girls and they said it be eaisier if id leave then to have to suspend the whole goup and then asked me not to come back and put it down as i just stoped showing up not as an expeltion this two principals in office is bull and something needs to be done about or no one is going to get an education with how many kids a year the convince to drop out
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    James Trottier, United States

    7 years ago
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