Sponsored By: Trainiacs Everywhere ________________________________________________ We understand it is your station\'s policy to play music from new, up and coming artists only after an artist\'s material has made it into the Top 30 playlist. We ask you, how is an artist going to get into the Top 30 playlist if they are not getting any airplay due to this policy In an effort to hear more of our favorite artists, we are hereby petitioning you and other stations across the country to bend the rules and play the most recent release, \"Tequila Sheila\", from new country group, Flynnville Train. All signors of this petition are loyal listeners of your radio station. Flynnville Train has been named in the Top 5 Country Bands of 2007 by Country Standard Time readers. Surely you would agree this is quite an accomplishment for five guys from Indiana who just recently finished up opening for Toby Keith\'s \"Big Dog Daddy Tour\" and released their debut cd, \"Flynnville Train\", which hit stores across the country September 11, 2007 under Toby Keith\'s \"Show Dog Nashville\" record label.


Trainiacs are Flynnville Trains faithful fan base throughout the Country. You can find us in every State and in every community.


Come \"Ride The Train\" With Us:


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    Jackie, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Flynnville Train, could say so much about this band, as so many, many critics have out there. Given them nothing but great reviews. 2 songs /videos on CMT and GAC, and I don't hear them played on my local country stations Please Mr. Radio men - Explain !! Truly, Confused
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    SJTrainiac, United States

    7 years ago Comments: We want our FVT!
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    brent, United States

    7 years ago
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